Foods that Increase Leptin Levels

increase leptinLeptin is an important hormone in your system that is made from fat cells in your body that helps control your metabolism and your appetite. Leptin makes you feel full after you eat and sets off the process that makes the body burn fat and calories. There is also such a thing as leptin resistance, which increases the body’s response to leptin. Some of the best things to take to help increase leptin levels especially in the evening are coconut oil, herbal teas, water, coffee and tea.

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Foods that are particularly important to increase Leptin levels are:


  • Fish such as: halibut, bass, haddock, mackerel, perch, sardines, catfish and tuna, herring, orange roughy.
  • Seafood such as: lobster and scallops
  • Seafood such as: lobster and scallops
  • Grass fed meats
  • vegetable oils
  • chia seeds
  • regular meats
  • regular meats
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • eggs
  • nuts such as: almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews and pecans

These are the foods that should be at the center of your diet. These help to lose weight and keep your body healthy and get rid of fat. Some other foods that need to be important in your list of foods in your diet are:

High fiber foods

  • whole grains
  • legumes
  • oatmeal
  • Celery
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables such as: avocados and olives

Some items that will increase your Leptin levels; especially in the evening are coconut oil, herbal teas, water, coffee and tea. A diet that includes fish can stimulate healthy leptin levels in the body, but you want to watch your intake of Omega-6. You also want to avoid vegetable oils, and limit nuts and seeds or you can build up a Leptin tolerance. Studies also show that along with a good diet, it is important that you get enough rest. Dr. Gregory Shanonin did a study relating to leptin levels in relevance to sleep that showed that people that don’t get enough sleep had a 15% lower leptin level than those who get enough sleep because Leptin levels go up during your sleep cycle.

A healthy diet can also reduce fat in your diet that can activate the leptin responses in your body. Nuts such as pecans, almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts, are particularly good to increase Leptin levels. Fruits that are also good for you and raise your Leptin levels are avocados and olives.

Also it will really help you to cook with almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil instead of vegetable oil when you are cooking. It is really important that you stay away from anything with sugar, honey, or anything high in fructose corn syrup, refined foods, or simple starches. It is okay to add carbohydrates to your diet once a week to refuel your body and bring your energy levels back to where they should be, but do not go overboard, just once a week at a reasonable level.

If you follow these guidelines you will see a marked difference in your energy level, how good you feel and you will see noticeable weight loss. You will drop fat and weight and be so much healthier. Give it a try for 30 days and see the difference.

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5 Rules of the Leptin Diet

The core of the leptin diet is composed of five simple rules. According to Byron Richards of, “When you start on the leptin diet and follow The Five Rules, you’ll lose significant weight every week.”

These five rules are as important to your diet as the food that you eat is. You want to turn on the right hormonal switches at the correct time so that your body functions properly. A great way to learn and follow the diet is using a new online only version called the Venus Factor diet. Doing so makes your head feel clearer, greatly diminishes your food cravings, and improves both your health and energy level. This is what makes these five rules so powerful.

So, now you understand that it’s important to follow these 5 rules while on the leptin diet:

Leptin Diet Rule #1

Start your day by eating a protein-packed breakfast (e.g. eggs, cottage cheese with fruit, a few tablespoons of peanut butter toast). This increases your metabolism 30% for 12 hours, which is the same number of calories you’d burn if you took a three-mile jog. You’ll know you’ve eaten a poor breakfast if you’re craving food throughout the day.

Leptin Diet Rule #2

Eat three meals each day spaced 5 – 6 hours apart without any snacking. This allows triglycerides to clear out of your bloodstream, which is an important element in the leptin diet because they create leptin resistance and confuses your metabolism. Ultimately, this results in overeating.

Leptin Diet Rule #3

Make sure the three meals aren’t large ones. Your goal while on the leptin diet is to eat slowly and finish a meal while feeling slightly less than full. Unfortunately, you won’t know if your body is truly full for 10 – 20 minutes after you finish eating.

Leptin Diet Rule #4

Reduce your carbohydrate intake because they’re easy-to-use fuels. You do need some carbohydrates though since they support your thyroid, regulate your electrolytes, keep your muscles strong, release growth hormone and burn fat efficiently. However, it is important to keep your carbohydrate intake to only 50% of your meal. So, when you look at your plate, you should have a 6 oz. portion of protein and a palm-size amount of carbohydrates. The rest of your plate should include fiber-rich vegetables. You can also have two tablespoons of a good, soluble fiber before eating a meal.

Leptin Diet Rule #5

Eat dinner at least three hours before bed. This is the last thing you eat at night so that you can allow 11 – 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
leptin diet rules


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